Smart Grid & Smart Storage
















Thanks to wide experience in the energy sector SAET aims to turns its skills in the grid and in electrical systems to innovative solutions for the challenges of the future energy market.

The increase in production volumes from non-programmable renewable sources and with production curves not synchronized to the required use, more and more urgent interventions are requested for the Smart Grid & Smart Storage in order to support the grid, that today is designed for loads only and not structured to the increasing penetration of distributed generation. In this scenario, the introduction of storage systems can guarantee the quality and continuity of electricity supply in a highly dynamic environment and it can optimize the use of available sources.

SAET is proposed in the energy storage market as a partner for the supply of battery storage systems for turnkey applications of different sizes with both power and energy requirements.
In particular SAET is able to provide:
• Energy Storage System: containerized solutions to support the grid for integration of renewable production;
• Smart Storage as support to industrial requirements for users with high peak power and low average consumption;
• Smart Rural system: a solution off grid for ecological and  sustainable electricity supply in areas without electrification.