Bulk material handling system

SAET has approached the Bulk Material Handling (BMH) in the early 60s, with production of gravimetric dosing systems and weighing systems for belt conveyors.


The introduction of Belt Weigh Feeder in steel and cement industries, has required the application of some substantial customization, depending on the characteristics of each process, allowing SAET to acquire a real know-how on the characteristics of many bulk materials.

In 2000, a major acquisition has shown the ability of SAET to operate as "integrator", combining the three skills (Mechanical, Electrical and Automation) for the supply of packages consisting of engineering, construction, test in factory, transport, installation, commissioning and acceptance test.

The growth of new skills, derived from the turnkey supply, has allowed the development of important experiences in Energy with Bulk Material Handling Systems for "traditional" fuels (coal) and "alternative" fuels (eg RDF, Biomass solid, etc.).

SAET  has concretised significant experiences in the supply of Bulk Material Handling System and provides packages consisting of:

Conveying Systems

Belt Conveyors
Screw Conveyors
Rotary valves
Bucket Elevators
Redler Conveyors
Pneumatic Transports diluited phase

Grinding systems

Ball mill
Hammer mill


Storage/Extraction Systems
Screw Extraction System,  Storage Hoppers,Apron Extractor, Walking Floor, Basin Loading/unloading system,  Rotary valves Vibrating Bins, Fluidization System

Feeding Systems

Belt weigh Feeder
Loss in Weight feeder

Refining Systems

Vibrating Screens
Magnetic Separators
Amagnetic Separators
Aeraulic Separators