Cartons handling & Palletising systems

The Packaging & Dispatching area take care of:
- packing of aech product (electric motor) in its suitable carton (several sizes and weights),
- handling of the cartons by an overhead conveying line up to the palletiser,
- sorting of the cartons by size into the lanes of the palletiser buffer,
- multi-layer, optimized palletising of different size and weight cartons into the same pallet.



The system was designed upon the operational needs and performance requirements (throughpput) of the customer, to address and solve the following issues:
- Standardisation of the minimum set of packages suitable to the range of products,
- Automatic palletisation of catons with different sizes and weight into the same pallet,
- Providing a Supervisory and control system for the Packaging & Dispatching area, linked to the EDP Host.



The turnkey supply includes:
- Analysis of operational needs and performance requirements,
- Design of the installation layout, the handling procedures and logics and the data exchange with the EDP Host,
- Mechanics of the conveying lines, the sorting section with buffering lanes inside the palletiser buffer,
- Cartesian palletiser,
- Cartons erector and sealer, film wrapper for pallets and labeller for cartons;
-Supervisory and Control system (Lan of PCs and PLCs)linked to the EDP Host.



Supervisory & Control System
The supervisory and control system exchanges data with the EDP Host and includes:
- PLC network with sensors and electric panels to control the handling of cartons and the palletiser unit,
- PC stations (LAN) exchanging data with PLC network and the EDP Host to provide the following main functions:
              - Enquiry of product lots ready to be packed and selection of lots to be treated,
              - Downloading from EDP Host of shipping data for each lot,
              - Printing and sticking of barcode labels to identify each carton,
              - Downloading to PLCs of data for handling and palletising cartons,
              - Uploading of shipping reports to the EDP Host.