Special Machinery


Italian Post runs all over the country a Tracking and Quality Control system, based on the RF-Identification technology, to supervise delivery times and quality of service. So every postal ssack or tray has its own RF Tag (Tracking code) and may contain one or more special items (e.g. spy letters) with their own RF-Tag (Quality code).

IWS stations are installed all over the territory in several sites, where they detect weight, tracking code and quality codes of every sack or tray processed and upload these data to the Host of the Tracking and Quality Control System. IWS station integrates handling, dynamic weighing and RF identification technologies.



IWS station includes an input rollerconveyor, a dynamic weighing belt conveyor inside the RF Tunnel, an output rollerconveyor and a PLC based control system linked to the Tracking and Quality Control Host, to upload data and diagnostics. Each sack or tray is placed by the operator on the input rollerconveyor and moved by the system towards the weighing belt section inside the RF Tunnel. Then each item is dynamically weighed while moving and both its tracking Tag and quality Tags inside any spy-letters (their number is variable) are read and uploaded to the Host. At the end of the RF Tunnel, each sack or tray is pushed out on the output rollerconveyor,where it is collected by the operator.


The IWS station has been designed and developed in close collaboration with the supplier of the RF-Identification system, to fully comply with safety EEC rules and operational requirements.


Special attention has been paid to guarantee:
- throughput up to 1.000 items/hr with at least 10 spy RF Tags read for each sack or tray
- Best integration of RF-Identification and Weighing systems to allow a precision of 100 grams over the range 0 - 30 Kg at the rate of 1.000 items/hr.
- Accurate shielding of RF Tunnel to comply with EEC emission limits while keeping the station volume as low as possible and the RF field as strong as possible.
- Operator friendliness and easy maintenance.