Trays Handling System-THS

THS is designed to serve a number of treatment machines (only their footprint is in the picture) through belt conveyors running at their sides and collecting full trays (about 15 kg) to be carried to the output lanes and loaded into vans.


THS backbone runs overhead (about 3 mt. from floor) to free space on floor and collects trays coming from branches before declining towards the identification and dynamic weighing station.

Immediately after, trays are fed into the sorting section where they are sorted out to the output lanes and loaded, by the operators, into vans.

THS’s throughput is up to 2000 trays/hour (a tray every less than 2 sec) and the control system takes charge of priority rules at merging sections, of getting identification and weigh data of each tray and of its sortation to the output lane.

The installation is 24 hours/day operating and includes:

- belt conveyors, flat and inclining or declining,
- diverters and merging sections with accumulation zones,
- an identification (through barcode scanners) and weighing station,
- a sorting section to the destination lanes.


Taylor-made, turn key applications developed through the:

- analysis of operational needs and performance requirements,- design of logistic flow, of installation layout and handling logic,
- design and construction of mechanics and control system (electric panels, PLC and PC network, application software),
- installation and commissioning,- education and training of operating personnel.