Long experience in steel plants let SAET interface with customer requirements from the design to complete installation.


SAET’s experience covers the entire steel sector, from primary steel production to electrical steel works, where SAET has produced not only dosing and weighing systems, but also significant integrated process automation packages.

The knowledge of all the principal aspects of steel systems (raw material stock-yards, coke plants, aggregate, blast furnaces, steel works, furnace direct reduction, EAF and LF, etc.) and of the respective accessory systems allows SAET to inter-react with customers from the initial stage of defining the general specifications through to the complete realisation of basic automation and supervision systems.

Moreover, in this sector, SAET can make a significant contribution in the design and implementation of electrical power systems, from HV substations to MV/LV distribution, including the respective integrated protection and supervision systems in which it has developed a substantial client base of major companies.