A unique and reliable supplier, for turnkey project, from the development up to the installation.


SAET offers its services in the process systems market as a turnkey supplier of packaged systems for handling solid materials where the technologies of weighing and dosing are integrated with SAET’s expertise in mechanical, electrical, plant engineering and automation that the company has acquired and consolidated over more than 50 years of activity in process systems for the main industrial sectors, often in collaboration with the most prestigious international engineering companies.


SAET operates using the Project Management method and with highly experienced technical personnel is able to act as a single reliable Project Manager for the end customer in all stages of system development, installation and implementation.



In the sixties SAET entered the steel and cement industry and thanks to the development of the gravimetric belt feeder and acquiring skills as system integrator, became able to provide the customer's total process requirements by using these multi-disciplinary engineering skills. The main accomplishments in this sector include:

- Weighing & Dosing Systems
- Handling Milling and Treatment of bulk materials
- Electrical System and DCS/PLC Automation with process regulation and SCADA supervision





Basic Automation



SAET operates at two separate process automation levels that can be integrated if required.
The first level, called Basic Automation, is the one tipically dedicated to actuation systems that perform all sequence interblocks and field controls.
This level is generally run through Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control System (DCS) with intelligent actuators and dedicated microprocessors. Use of the machines is based, as far as possible, on distributed logic concepts so that other systems can be subsequntely addend to an integrated and easy-to-mantain environment.




Integrated Supervision

The second level of automation is Integrated Supervision. This level features operator interface functions, designed to provide flexible and reliable management, assisting the operator in the various choices and helping him avoid errors. The information is presented so that the most important elements requiring operator interventions are immediately highlighted. This automation level performs best by integrating, via local networks, several Basic Automation systems distributed within the system to be controlled. All the individual functions controlled are considered as belonging to a single unit and as such are managed as one by the operator.

At this level, all the other automation subsystems can also be connected. These are controlled by means of software packages which can be specifically developed. The hardware used always depends on the actual systems requirements; it is typically based on standard machines which guarantee the very highest performance and reliability in the industrial environment.   

SAET has always carefully selected its hardware suppliers from those most active in the industrial automation sector and with a consistent market record of offering highly specialized and innovative products.

SAET' s technical expertise means that it can integrate hardware from different suppliers to provide maximum performance.


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