After sale service 

SAET has engineers in charge of customer service to resolve operational issues. The service has equipments to control the plants and methodologies with remote control: often the system of supervision is delivered to the customer interfaced with the SAET technicians for online diagnostics and to assist the customer at fault. 



. The long custom of orders for engineering companies led SAET in several European and non- European countries and even in the last one SAET is equipped to provide assistance.


By providing a plant is often proposed a assistance formula known as global service that it is remote monitoring of all critical components, predective service maintenance based on actual component wear with online tracking and finally a response with availability in x hours (where x is dependent on critical of the customer).


Another important aspect of customer service is the online availability of a list of materials supplies to the customer, useful tool in the identification of spare parts. For the ongoing contract the prime contractor is active also in the issue of technical assistance, on ended contract the cusstomer service takes care of interfacing the technical department for technical problems.



The basic theory is usually addressed in regular courses at our headquarters.
The courses for both operational management and maintenance are instead performed on site during commissioning or at least before the final delivery of the plant.