SAET sponsor at AEIT HVDC Workshop

Operational experience and technological development for application worldwide
Venice, March 28-30, 2017


High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission draws an ever increasing interest of TSO in Europe and abroad all over the world.
Major developments in technology make HVDC in many cases more reliable, easy to apply and
operate, economically affordable. Wider applications are now possible and a lot of projects are under development, making HVDC even a more interesting business than before also for manufacturers and engineering companies.

The following topics are within the scope of the Workshop:
• HVDC operational experience.
• Outlook of HVDC projects planned and at design or construction stage.
• Latest (ongoing) and next coming developments in HVDC technology (converter stations, cables, overhead lines).
• Market perspective
Qualified representatives of TSOs, Research companies, Manufacturers, Engineering consulting firms, will present their experience and developments and their mind about future applications.
Participation is expected of international representatives of electrical and electromechanical industries, consultants, research centres, etc..

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28/03/2017 San Servolo (VE)