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Falck Renewables

Falck Renewables Group

Falck Renewables is an international operator in the field of renewable energy, operating in the development, design, construction and management of clean power stations in Europe and the United States. Falck Renewables provides highly specialised energy management services to both energy producers and consumers, leveraging its experience for the technical and administrative management of third-party plants worldwide.

Next Solutions

Falck Renewables – Next Solutions

Falck Renewables – Next Solutions is born from the experience and professionalism of the Falck Renewables Group. SAET adds value to the Next Solutions area, which also operates in the field of energy management, energy efficiency, distributed generation and systems for monitoring and managing energy data, working alongside producers and consumers for sustainable energy development. 


Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a key theme for the Group, deeply integrated in its business plans and processes. It informs the drafting of strategic guidelines and the implementation of activities. With its ability to evolve and anticipate changes in the energy sector, the Group acts as a driver of sustainable energy solutions. It provides customers with its transversal skills, which have been honed through the daily management of generation plants. This is all part of an effort to seize the opportunities provided by the energy transition, the intersection of renewable generation, electrification, and the reduction and flexibilisation of consumption, all of which are necessary to achieve carbon and climate neutrality.

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International presence

Being part of a large international group, a pure play in renewable energies, further enhances SAET’s position as a leader in its sector. It can rely on the strength and experience of a Group operating in over 40 countries, which boasts over 1300 MW installed, 4000 MG managed, about 2700 GWh produced in 2020, and 569800 tCO2 avoided in 2020.

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