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Renantis Group

Renantis exists to build a better future for all by powering people’s everyday lives with care. Renantis develops, designs, constructs and operates onshore wind farms, solar PV plants, floating offshore wind farms and energy storage facilities globally. Its commitment to delivering innovative sustainable solutions through integrated renewables is our north star. Renantis believes that the only energy is clean energy. Not satisfied with being merely a producer, it actively participate in shaping the global energy transition, working together with the industry every step of the way in developing new, better solutions. For the future of people and our planet.


Sustainability at the core

Sustainability is part of  DNA of the Group, reaching far beyond the traditional understanding of the term. For Renantis, sustainability means creating shared value for all of our stakeholders, safeguarding and enhancing the environment in which it operates and building relationships with its communities. Redistributing the value created in Renantis energy plants is at the heart of every action.

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International Presence

Being part of a large international Group, pure play in renewable energies, allows SAET to further enhance its positioning as a leader in its sector, being able to count on the solidity and experience of a Group present, with its services, in addition 40 countries and which boasts over 1420 MW installed, 4approximately 3200 GWh produced in 2021, 0,53 MtCO2 avoided in 2021.

Renantis offices

Renantis Power Plant