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The experts of SAET’s Custom Solutions area handle plant operation and maintenance services (Operation & Maintenance), automation, and special industrial or exploratory systems (Weighing and Dosing Systems). 



SAET’s experience includes highly qualified Operation and Maintenance (O&M) activities: high voltage substations, storage systems with real time monitoring, 24/7 remote assistance and control, maintenance strategy and development of plans that include preventive and predictive maintenance in combination with extraordinary and corrective maintenance. 

SAET ensures the operation of the plant by offering services for the cleaning and diagnostics of the equipment, verification of the operation and calibration of protection relays, selectivity studies, insulation tests, SF6 gas analysis, electro-instrumental verifications, oscillation and disturbance analysis and everything else necessary for the plant to remain reliable and efficient. 

The O&M service provides periodic monitoring and complete maintenance both for plants built by SAET and those built by third parties. 

SAET offers cutting-edge solutions for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures and network plants, with the aim of preventing, reducing and minimising the risks of failure and service interruptions

Predictive and preventive maintenance algorithms make it possible to increase/optimise the performance of the systems under management and reduce extraordinary maintenance operations

As part of the service provided by Terna for the coordinated management of the input and withdrawal of electricity on the national grid to guarantee the balance of the electricity system, SAET can manage and control the execution of dispatching orders according to the new methods based on the MFT (Managed File Transfer) standard introduced by Terna.


Automazione Custom Solutions


SAET operates on two levels of process automation, which can be integrated with each other. 

The first level, basic automation, is dedicated to the control systems that carry out all the sequences, interlocks and adjustments towards the field. 

This level is generally managed with distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic systems (PLC), with intelligent actuators and dedicated microprocessors, in a centralised and/or distributed configuration, for maximum integration even in existing systems. 

The second level of automation concerns the integrated supervision of the system through the operator interface functions. By applying the latest ergonomics concepts for simple, flexible and safe operation, the operator is supported and assisted in their possible choices, which protects them from any incorrect handling. This is helped by the presentation and type of information displayed, to make immediately obvious the elements on which to intervene. 

This level of automation achieves the best performance with the integration of several basic automation systems distributed throughout the plant, via local or extended communication network, where all the controlled utilities are part of a single set and as such are managed by the operator. 

The hardware used is selected according to plant requirements and is based on standard machines to guarantee the best performance, the necessary flexibility, and maximum reliability in an industrial environment. Thanks to the technical and system skills acquired in this field, SAET can integrate hardware and software from different manufacturers to ensure the best possible performance.

Registered partner COPADATA – System Integrator ROCKWELL – SIEMENS – ABB – SCHNEIDER – WAGO – BECKHOFF



A single, reliable partner for turnkey systems, in all phases of plant development and implementation. 

SAET aims at the process plant market as a turnkey supplier of solid material handling package plants, where it integrates its proprietary industrial dosing and weighing technologies with the mechanical, electrical, plant engineering and automation skills acquired and consolidated in more than 50 years’ experience with process plants in the main industrial sectors. 

SAET offers a wide range of applications in weighing, dosing and mixing and in the automation and regulation of production processes, with particular attention to the operational and management needs of the customer. That’s why SAET has become one of the most accredited and reliable partners, able to supply a complete range of products and specialised solutions. 

SAET can provide the customer with a tailored solution, based on the characteristics of the material, of the process and of the plant layout, to guarantee the required precision and reliability performances. 

SAET systems have multiple applications in the steel, metallurgical, chemical, ceramic, mining, food, cement, and all those processes involving bulk materials, where weight measurement is required in static or dynamic, volumetric or gravimetric terms

SAET can supply from the simplest Weighing and Dosing Systems (mechanical components and electrical/electronic instrumentation) to the most complete and complex process automation and recipe control systems.