Italia Solare: TOUR 2022

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TOUR 2022 (Italia Solare), Palermo 21 October 2022
SAET Team waits for you at the event Energy Storage and Energy Communities

On 21 October, the head of Energy Storage of SAET SpA, Barbara Rossi, will be in Palermo to participate in the Tour 2022 – Accumulation Systems, an event organized by Italia Solare: we will talk about storage systems and energy communities.

with focus:

  • Safe installation of the Energy Storage System
  • Online diagnostics for safety, performance, and extended lifetimes, batteryanalytics
  • Hybrid PV plant configurations + storage: C&I and US business case (above 1 MW)

Technical and connection and regulatory legislation:

  • A possible evolution on the simplification of tests and certifications
  • Grid code in consultation dedicated to storage A78 (withdrawal and injection)
  • Evolution of the design e capacity market
  • New grid services

This is an important event for the SAET team, and the commercial and marketing manager Raffaello Teani will also be present: it will be an opportunity to open a dialogue with local and non-local stakeholders, and officially present our offer dedicated to the energy storage systems market.


Don’t miss, see you in Palermo!