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TME – Borealis

Hercules 150 / 10kV station in the Borealis plant for Biostoom Beringen NV – Belgium.

Location of the plant

Belgium / Beringen

Voltage level

150 kV



Contract type

EPC Grid Connection

Customer: TM.E. S.p.A. ‐ Termomeccanica Ecologia

Contract duration: 10 months

Application: Waste-to-energy Plant

Peculiarity: Extension and interface with existing system

The Italian General Contractor TM.E. SpA, as part of the EPC-EM contract for the construction of a new waste-to-energy plant in Beringen (Belgium), has entrusted SAET with the revamping and expansion of the station. SAET has created the interface with ELIA’s local grid, according to the TSO standards. SAET also provided the inputs necessary for the construction of civil works. Everything was achieved by ensuring the continuity of operation of the plant.