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BAYWA – Pontelandolfo

150kV double busbar grid station (14 bays) for 48MW wind farm (BN).

Location of the plant

Italy / Campania / Benevento

Voltage level




Contract Type

EPC Grid Connection

Customer: Baywa

Contract duration: 1,5 years

Application: Renewables

Peculiarity: Grid Station


SAET was awarded by Eolica San Lupo (a company of the BAYWA Group) for the construction of civil and electromechanical works of the new station called “Stazione Pontelandolfo Terna” consisting of n. 14 bays, of which two incoming-outgoing line bays “Castelpagano-Morcone” and “Benevento 3”, double busbar system with bus coupler, Transformer Inductive Potential (TIP) bays for auxiliary power supply, n. 8 line bays and n. 2 future provisions for Autotransformers stall (ATR), the supply is completed with Protection and Control.