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EVN – Austria

Stabilization of the grid with a 2.2 MW / 2.2 MWh storage system in Prottes.

Location of the plant

Austria / Prottes

Size / Technology

2,2 MW/2,2 MWh – Lithium NCM



Contract Type


Customer:  Netz Niederoesterreich GmbH (EVN Gruppe)

Contract duration: 18 months + 5 years O&M

Application: Frequency Regulation

Peculiarity: Temperature Control container


Design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a lithium-based storage system. The system is the first used for grid stabilization in Austria (primary frequency control, voltage support, virtual inertia, dynamic-reactive power compensation, symmetrical behavior). The system will also have the black start capability for a micro grid made up of wind turbines. The SAET PMS uses several algorithms to optimize system operation, allowing varying degrees of freedom to be ready to operate and deliver upcoming services within 15 minutes.