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FALCK NEXT – Vado Ligure

9MW-8 MWh storage system for ultra-fast frequency regulation (Fast Reserve).

Location of the plant

Italy / Liguria / Savona

Size / Technology

9 MW/8 MWh – Lithium LFP

Value EPC


Contract Type


Customer: Falck Next Srl

Contract Duration: 1 + 10 years O&M

Application: Ultra-fast Frequency Regulation

Peculiarity: Fast Reserve Unit

The 9 MW-8 MWh Energy Storage System built by SAET inside the electrical station that powers the port of Vado Ligure (SV), sees the synergy between Falck Renewables – Next Solution, awarded 7.5 MW at the auction promoted by Terna for the supply of ultra-fast frequency regulation service (Fast Reserve), and SAET as EPC. In addition to the service requested by TERNA, the plant will operate on the market by exploiting the remuneration possibilities deriving from the energy and ancillary services markets thanks to the interaction between the SAET plant controller (PMS) and the superior level control system (EMS) developed by Falck Next.