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Smart Microgrid for RICA Campus in Kigali: Hybris System PV 1,5 MWp – Diesel 1,6 MW -ESS 3 MWh.

Location of the plant

Rwanda / Kigali

Size / Technology

1,5 MW/3 MWh – Lithium NCM



Contract Type


Customer: Remote Group/Mass Build

Contract duration: 1,5 years

Application: Campus Power Supply

Peculiarity: Site assistance


Smart Microgrid for powering an “isolated campus” for training people on new agricultural technologies. The power supply of the campus is based on the photovoltaic field (1.5MW), on the storage system (3MWh) and on the auxiliary (and emergency) energy with n. 4 Diesel Groups of 400KW each. The goal is to maximize the use of photovoltaics and minimize diesel fuel, while ensuring great “reliability” of the power supply. The system is fully supervised and managed by the SAET PMS for micro-grid / off-grid applications with fuel saving logics.